October is Children’s Vision Month!

Children’s Vision Month occurs every October to raise awareness about how a child’s vision affects their learning. Our Optometrists recommend a child’s first eye exam to be at the age of 6 months. Don’t worry, a child’s eye exam at that age is nothing like an adult’s eye exam. We understand infants can’t read and communicate the way an adult does. Exams at that age are very objective.

Did you know Alberta Health Care covers annual eye exams for children 18 years of age and younger? Continue Reading →

Free Kids’ Glasses

Like, really, really free.

Kids aged 4-10 years get one pair of glasses absolutely FREE!

Free Glasses For KidsValid for kids aged 4-10 years on one pair of kids frames priced at $19 or $29 with single vision, polycarbonate “kids safe” lenses only. Coatings are an additional cost. Must have had an eye exam within 90 days of order and have not redeemed this offer within the last 365 days. Frames can be upgraded by paying the difference between $29 and the higher priced frame. Offer valid until September 20, 2014.

Book an Eye Exam for your kids with one of our Optometrists today!

Why You Shouldn’t Over Wear Contact Lenses

Have you ever wondered what sleeping in your contact lenses does to your eyes? Is leaving your contact lenses in your eyes for 15 or more hours per day safe? Contact lenses are a great alternative to wearing glasses all the time for people who are nearsighted, farsighted and/or who have astigmatism. However, they come with risk. Proper cleaning and care needs to be taken when wearing contact lenses. Continue Reading →

Effects of Cigarette Smoking on Your Vision

It has been scientifically proven that smoking causes cancer and cardiovascular disease. Have you ever wondered if smoking or second-hand smoke affects your eyes? The average cigarette contains over 4000 chemicals and additives which not only have detrimental effects on the body and lungs, but also on the eyes. Continue Reading →